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It’s one thing to develop groundbreaking discoveries but it is another thing to be able to effectively communicate these discoveries. 

In a world where the lines between scientific research, academia  and business are becoming blurred, researchers and academics need to be able to communicate their ideas in a very competitive environment.

As a published academic, I have experience in writing professional, concise content that follows the rigors of academic requirements.

You need a writer who understands your topic and the science of writing.

High-quality writing is imperative for your success.

  • Not enough time to write?
  • Need help with English grammar?
  • Looking for assistance in proofreading & editing?

 I am an experienced, published researcher (and native English-speaker) who can help you with all your scientific and health & medical writing requirements.

  • Websites and Blogs
  • Research manuscripts
  • Journal articles
  • Literature Reviews
  • Case Studies
  • Annual Reports
  • Editing Theses
  • Grant Applications

Collaborate with your personal scientific and academic writer so you can concentrate on the Science!

Ready to Collaborate with a Native-English Speaking Scientific and Academic Copywriter?

I am Dr Tammy Ellis, an expert in all aspects of Scientific and Academic Writing.

I am a professional writer who understand the Science  and the “science” of writing.

My expertise combines my Ph.D. health & medical research experience with the ability to write engaging,  evidence-based content.

I am an expert in translating complex  and technical jargon into writing that is suitable for your audience.



Proud AWC graduate
Proud AWC graduate

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