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The client is a biotechnology company developing Smart diagnostic devices for infectious diseases.

The company is a startup preparing for patent filing and launching its products and recently announced licensing deals with GlaxoKlineSmith and Qiagen.

This project has been challenging due to the necessity of maintaining secrecy surrounding the proprietary company information.

The manuscript is currently under draft to be submitted to a high impact factor peer-reviewed journal.

The project is combining novel optical platform technology with nanotechnology to detect infectious diseases in a Point-of-Care (POC) device.

This project demonstrates my ability to:

  • Maintain confidentiality 
  • Provide advice on publishing options for proprietary information
  • Gain knowledge quickly in other scientific fields such as nanotechnology, infectious diseases and diagnostic devices




Scientific Articles

Over 12 year’s of my scientific research career, I developed extensive knowledge in the fields of developmental biology, genetics, immunology, transgenic mouse models of disease, cancer biology, neuroscience and stem cells.

Below is a selection of my scientific publications in which I led the research and provided writing expertise.


  • Sonic hedgehog and notch signalling can cooperate to regulate neurogenic divisions of neocortical progenitors.                  R. Dave, Tammy Ellis, M. Toumpas, J. Robson, E. Julian, C.Adolphe, P. Bartlett, H. Cooper, B. Reynolds, B. Wainwright.   PLoS One.  2011: Feb 17; 6(2):e1468.
  • Ptch1-mediated dosage-dependent action of Shh signalling regulates neural progenitor development at late gestational stages.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Shikata, T. Okada, M. Hashimoto, Tammy Ellis, D. Matsumaru, T. Shiroishi, M. Ogawa, B. Wainwright, J. Motoyama.  Developmental Biology 2011: Jan 15; 349(2):147-159
  • Patched1 deletion increases N-Myc protein stability as a mechanism of medulloblastoma initiation and progression. Thomas, J. Chen, Y. Gao, B. Cheung,  J. Koach, E. Sekyere E Norris, M. Haber, Tammy Ellis, B. Wainwright, G. Marshall.  Oncogene 2009: April2; 28(13):1605-1615.
  • Medulloblastoma can be initiated by deletion of Patched in Lineage–Restricted Progenitors or Stem Cells.                       Yang, Tammy Ellis, S. Markant, T. Read, J.  Kessler, M. Bourboulas, U. Shuller, R. Machold, G. Fishell, D. Rowitch, B. Wainwright, R.Wechsler-Reya. Cancer Cell 2008:Aug 12;14(2):135-145. 
  • Patched1 functions as a gatekeeper by promoting cell cycle progression.                                                                                    Adolphe, R. Hetherington, Tammy Ellis, B. Wainwright.  Cancer Research 2006: 66 2081-8.
  • An in vivo comparative study of sonic, desert and Indian hedgehog reveals that hedgehog pathway activity regulates epidermal stem cell homeostasis. Adolphe, M. Narange, Tammy Ellis, C. Wicking, P. Kaur, B. Wainwright.  Development 2004: 131 5009-5019
  • Krt6a-Cre Transgenic mice direct LoxP-mediated recombination to the companion cell layer of the hair follicle and following induction by retinoic acid to the interfollicular epidermis. Smyth, Tammy Ellis, R. Hetherington, E. Riley, M. Narang, D. Mahony, C.Wicking, J. Rothnagel, B. Wainwright  J Invest Dermatol 2004;122 232-234.  
  • Overexpression of Sonic Hedgehog suppresses embryonic hair follicle morphogenesis.                                                                  Tammy Ellis, I. Smyth, E. Riley, J. Bowles, C. Adolphe, J. Rothnagel, C. Wicking, B. Wainwright. Dev Biol. 2003 263(2):203-15. 
  • Patched 1 conditional null allele in mice.                                                                                                                                                                 Tammy Ellis, Smyth, E. Riley, S. Graham, K. Elliot, M. Narang, G. Kay, C.Wicking, B. Wainwright. Genesis. 2003 36(3):158-61. 
  • The transcriptional repressor CDP (Cutl1) is essential for epithelial cell differentiation of the lung and hair follicle. Tammy Ellis, Gambardella L, Horcher M, Tchanz S, Capol J, Bertram P, Jochum W, Barrandon Y, Busslinger M.  Genes and Development, 2001;15(17).

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