Copywriter, Scientific Writer and Grant Guru.


I am Tammy Ellis, founder and the person behind CollaborWrite Creative

I have over 20 years’ experience in writing engaging, persuasive, well-researched content.

All the benefits of an in-house writer without the overheads.

Think of me as your personal go-to writer. I am responsible for every piece of work produced for my clients.

I am a copywriter who understands the Science and the science of writing.

Why CollaborWrite ?

Collaborate or the act of working together to successfully complete a project.

Sounds exactly what a copywriter, scientific communicator, grant writer and proofreader should be doing.

CollaborWrite Creative is the joining together of my client’s expertise with my skills as a copywriter.

My Story

Do you know what you want to be when you grow up?  It took me a long time to find my perfect career.

I realized that my favourite parts of all my jobs were writing.  Whether I was a researcher, policy officer, Research Development Manager or Grants Manager- I enjoyed writing the articles, presentations, white papers and grants.

Why join a navy if you can be a pirate? ~ Steve Jobs

My career path has been a twisty road and I am still excited to see where it leads.

From Canada to Austria to Australia.

I studied Biochemistry and was awarded a B.Sc. (Honours) Subject of Specialisation, Biochemistry and M.Sc. Biochemistry from Queen’s University in Canada.

I then received a scholarship from a world-renowned Research Institute of Molecular Pathology (IMP) and received my PhD from the University of Vienna in Austria.

I was a Senior John Trivett Fellowship postdoc at the Institute of Molecular Biosciences at the University of Queensland, Brisbane Australia where I was a developmental biologist/cancer researcher focusing on skin cancer, brain cancer and stem cells.

Outside of academia, I worked in State Government as a scientific policy advisor,  promoting biotechnology initiatives, and managing State Government Funding Schemes.  After a few years in Government, I worked at the Princess Alexandra Hospital and the Children’s Medical Research Institute  helping clinicians, allied health specialists and medical researchers obtain funding and communicate their discoveries.   This experience lead to becoming the Grants Manager at Queensland Institute for Medical Research (QIMRB).

Then I decided to take a Gap Year (better late than never) and I  went back to school to study and reinforce in writing skills with qualifications in Copywriting and SEO.

Dream Job

Writing for a Travel Magazine. 

I suffer from Wanderlust and have a serious case of Fernweh …“far-sickness” or a desire to travel; a longing for far-off places. (As well as a fondness for great German words)

My Happy place is on top of a snowy Austrian Mountain, sun shining as I swish down the slopes.

The only cure is to be able to travel and write.  I would love to weave words into a unforgettable travel story that makes you salivate & ready to pack your bags!